ROE-203 | "Let's make you pay with your body..." The chaste wife is a substitute meat slave for the shoplifting girl Maki Tomoda

ROE-203 |
Director: Jo Asagiri

Maki, a mother, comes to a convenience store after receiving a call that her daughter Emma has shoplifted. The store manager, Hajime, didn't report it to the police because it was his first offense, and just tolerated it. However, a few days later, Maki receives a call that she shoplifted her again, and Maki apologizes to Hajime. Immediately after Hajime saw Maki's voluptuous breasts as she apologized, she sent Emma home as she wanted to talk alone. Then, Maki's wife approaches her and asks her to show her the benefits of getting rid of her shoplifting, and Maki lifts up her skirt with a look of shame on her face...


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